3-HOURS /  $75 per couple



This class, designed for mamas-to-be and their partners, delves into everything you need to know about breastfeeding in the early days and weeks. We'll cover the benefits of breastfeeding, breast anatomy + physiology, position + latch, finding the right kind of support, and how to tell if baby is getting enough milk. We'll also talk about establishing milk supply, how to involve partners in the feeding process, and how and when to pump, all while we dispel some of the biggest breastfeeding myths. You'll come away feeling empowered, encouraged, and supported as you begin your journey into parenthood. This class runs 3-hours in length and is held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  You'll go home with materials to help make the first days and nights home with baby run smoothly! Plus, there’ll be lots of snacks.




2 HOURS / $45



This class is designed for mamas who are returning to work or school and need support navigating the intricacies of pumping, maintaining supply, and deciding what their long-term feeding goals look like. Topics include why breastfeeding after returning to work is doable -- and why the "juice" is worth the squeeze  -- creating a back-to-work plan, bottle preparation for the breastfed baby, pumping techniques + tips, and employer support + knowing your legal rights. This class runs 90-minutes in length and is held on weeknight evenings and weekend days. You'll also go home with an individualized pumping log. Light refreshments provided.




2 HOURS / $45


This class is designed for parents eager to learn about introducing solids around the 6-month mark and what that means for breast and/or bottle-feeding. We'll discuss the logistics of  when and how to introduce solids, best first foods for baby, what to do when baby refuses the breast or bottle, and why breastfeeding works for calories and comfort. We'll also discuss how reflecting on our own food history and baggage ensures that we set our little ones up for a healthy relationship with food. We'll dive into feeding philosophies that promote adventurous eating and baby's active role in his own eating. This class runs 2-hours in length and is held on weeknight evenings and weekend days. You'll go home with a selection of nutrient-dense, inspired recipes for baby's first foods that go beyond boring purees. Light refreshments provided.




2 HOURS / $45


This class is designed for mamas who need help figuring out when to wean, how to wean, and everything in between. Topics include factors that contribute to the "right" time to wean, public breastfeeding + individual comfort, baby-led/gentle vs. abrupt weaning.  This class runs 90-minutes in length and is held on weeknight evenings and weekend days. You'll go home with a customizable weaning worksheet to help you make sense of your plan of action. Light refreshments provided.





1.5 HOURS / $195

Follow-up: 1 HOUR/$145


Completely individualized classes tailored to your needs, questions, and agenda in the comfort of your own home! We can address prenatal breastfeeding concerns, the intricacies of breastfeeding an older infant or toddler, how to comfortably breastfeed in public -- and everything in between. Contact me here to schedule!





— FREE! —


FREE and held weekly, this breastfeeding support group gives new mamas an opportunity to swap stories, ask questions, and get insight into their individual breastfeeding/bottle feeding/chestfeeding/pumping journeys. Bring your sweet babe(s), unless you  need some mama alone-time.

Now thru the end of March — weekly from 10-11:30am


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