Home & office Lactation Visits


*Please note that I am a provisional International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and this limits my scope of practice.

My approach to lactation care is client-centered, based on individual needs and comfort and not on any prescribed agenda. I am your advocate, your "breast friend," and your champion, and I'll provide the evidence-based research on infant feeding practices and maternal health to create a personalized plan of care. This process is about compassionate care, education, and empowerment. If I feel that your case is outside the scope of my educational practice, I will refer you to an International Board Certified Lactation Consult (IBCLC).                                                                                 

• Initial Home Visit (1.5 hours) — $225

• Initial Office Visit (1.5 hours) — $175

• Follow-Up Home Visit (1 hour) — $175

• Follow-Up Office Visit (1 hour) — $125

• Office Weight Check — always free

• Home Weight Check — $50

• Buy a 2-visit package and save $50

{ All consults include a detailed maternal/baby history, a personalized plan of care, & unlimited communication support for 2-weeks following our visit }

Clinical Experience Includes:

• Common breastfeeding concerns, including newborn position & latch

• Prevention & treatment of sore nipples

• Low supply & oversupply

• Engorgement, plugged ducts, & mastitis

• Slow weight gain & supplementation

• Tongue & lip tie assessment & frenectomy referrals

• Breast and/or bottle refusal

• Returning to work, starting solids, & weaning

• Twins & tandem nursing

• Prenatal breastfeeding preparation & induced lactation

Virtual Lactation consults

Though virtual consults are never meant to replace in-person lactation support, they are beneficial when in-person help is unavailable.

• Initial Virtual Consult (60 minutes) — $90

• Follow Up Virtual Consult (30 minutes) — $50

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